Boxee Box don't update to latest firmware

Did the manual update v. Now everything is terribly slow. No streams
are working proper (not working at all), so I suppose I just have to
play local files. This is crap! I want to go back to the previous
version. Not recommending anyone to upgrade.

After upgrading to v. Boxee Box is just nothing but a average capable
browser and a local media player. Terribly disappointed about the new
upgrade, never should have upgraded. I also had a really hard time
getting the audio to work,it worked after deselecting everything under
the specified audio channels. THIS IS TOTAL CRAP! I liked my previous
Boxee Box version much better. The Boxee Box team really has to do
something about the awful streaming speed, no my Boxee Box is unuseable.

The new layout and functions is looking great but who cares when nothing
else is functioning, almost impossible to stream, no pictures, drop out

Have tried several different apps and repositories that used to function
great with the previous version, Navi-X, Bartsidee Repository
(Bartisidee TV), etc.

This is just terribly disappointing. I am now stuck with a Boxee Box
that's unusable, what is Boxee Box without streaming possibilities? A
local media player.