Iphone/Ipod Touch 2.0 Firmware

Several new improvements from the previous firmware. The connection to the Wi-Fi is functioning much better than earlier. The ipsec VPN support is luckily in place, I haven't had a change to try it yet but I will do so soon. With the App Store application its now possible to download both free and payable applications from the apple store application "catalogue" directly to your Iphone/Ipod Touch, you don't need to refer to a unique url as with previous webapps. You have the option to also update your installed applications and a service called "Push" could update certain services like your contacts, emails etc from the "Push" service server. The GPS is also in place functioning.
It's important to mention that not all the applications from the apple store application "catalogue" seem to work with Ipod Touch.

Summer holiday

After a long summer holiday, 2 wonderful weeks in Berlin, I promise that the blog postings would be updated on a regular basis. July is usually a month that people take their summer holiday, but for the sake of continuity it's not good that the blog is resting for almost a whole month.