Some impressions from the NAB conference in Las Vegas
& roundtrip in San Francisco 22th-29th of April, 2006.
More photos from the trip. A trip made together with
the multimedia lab, situated at Realfagbygget, NTNU, Trondheim.
The trips main purpose was to look at new electronical equipment to
use for teaching and educational purposes (NAB conference) and the
last two days too see the actual use of multimedia in educational
settings at both Berkeley, Stanford and Golden Gate University in
San Franscisco.


This is my first posting as a blogger so please be gentle on me.. A new day at the university library. Some new books has just arrived ready to be classified and given a dewey number.

I am thinking back at the national conference that we arranged for norwegian research librarians last week (16-18 oct). A lot of interesting presentations by those giving a speech and I might add, some rather nice people.

In 2,5 hours time its again my time to give guidance to students and staff employees from a chair close to a helpdesk strategical placed at the center of our library, a twice weekly happening.