Which Linux distribution to choose?

The easiest answer to the above question is simply to choose the Linux distribution that is right for you, but how do you know what is right for you before even having tried the distribution?
Distrowatch could be of great help in leading you in the right direction with their short description of different distribution and also by ranking their popularity. My obvious choice is to choose those running a gnome desktop it's quite simply much better than KDE, but that's my opinion.
You could also try the different distibutions by installed virtual machine software like vmware player or Suns Virtualbox, if you don't like the distribution just delete it and go on "hunting".
I am no trying out Sabayon Linux 4.1 Gnome 64 bits ver. live iso through Suns Virtualbox


Open Solaris

Today I installed Open Solaris 64-bit version in Suns Virtualbox, it's running smooth and no problems so far, I have 1 GB Ram and 16 GB virtual disk dedicated to the virtual machine.


Opera reinventing the web?

This sounds really hilarious, is it true?


Teethering on iPhone 3.0 firmware

One of many new features on iPhone firmware 3.0 is teethering. For those of you not familiar with the term please refer to the following Wikipedia article about the topic.

iPhone 3.0 firmware due June 17th

The 3.0 firmware will be available on June 17th for free for iPhone users or $9.95 USD (55 NOK) for iPod Touch users. We could expect several new features. Another 8 days to wait......