OSkope visual search engines

A very cool visual search engine and organizer that lets you search :

Another completely new way of thinking search engines is the concept Space Time 3D.
It allows you to make searches and see them presented in 3D inside your browser, this is the ultimate coolness.

Thinkmap visual thesaurus

A whole new of looking at words.


Frappr Maps-blogging librarians
Here is a small collection of library blogs on a map.


Free West Papua!

Occupied by the indonesians in the 60s and still being occupied. This part of New Guinea still has large areas of untouched rainforest and natural resources.  The people are experiencing  torture and  genocide by the indonesians who only are "milking" the area for its resources, but also other countries have interests in the rich western papuan natural resources, and that's probably why nobody is reacting to the violation of basic human rights. Take a look at koteka.net to learn more about West-Papua or only Papua which the area is also called.

West Papua documentary (Part 1-3)



Online office, word processor and a range of other products from Zoho zervices .


The Dewey browser 2.0

For all you librarians using the dewey classification system it's worth checking out this borwser project started by OCLC  research.


Oxford Digital Reference Shelf

NTNU library has now bought a great package of encyclopedias and dictionaries calles Oxford Digital Reference Shelf. We have bought the following titles:

The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History
The Oxford Companion to World Exploration
The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature
Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt
The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature
Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
International Encyclopedia of Dance
The Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts
Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
Encyclopedia of Evolution
Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America
Encyclopedia of Global Change
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures
Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
The Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance
Encyclopedia of Rhetoric
Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance


Instant Messaging at work.
Makes co-workers more accesible?

More and more employees have seen the benefits of using instant messaging in addition to regular mail. It's easier to see if the persons you want to reach is available or not and usually you get a quicker answer back. Many have seen problems with the huge amount of different IM providers, but today its no problem, several programs are able to handle different IM accounts, supporting simultaneous connections to AIM®, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®,Jabber, and MySpace IM. etc. With JiveTalk™ for the iPone and iPod Touch you could for instance use Jivetalk.


SpeedyMarks makes it easy to create visual bookmarks and quickly open your favourite web sites. It is insprired by Operas Speed Dial feature. You can link from your web site to SpeedyMarks so that your web site can be easily added. Just use http://www.speedymarksadd=URL with your web site URL as parameter (make sure it's properly encoded).

The iPhone/Ipod Touch version "iPhoneMarks could be found here

Here is an example of how to use :

Dapperfox add-on (XPI) for Firefox

The Dapper service is now available with one single click inside your Firefox browser from your navigation toolbar to the right next to the down arrow pointing you to your url history.

You could download the add-on from this location.


RDM+: Remote desktop for Iphone/Ipod Touch

I am sure that a lot of employees are frustrated about several restrictions to install and use new appllication on their computers at work, very far  from the realities you experience  with  your home computer. Here is a solution to work and manage your home computer on your mobile device and for instance send the solutions/finished products/files by mail to your computer at work. Very often maybe the only solution because its usually necessary to install a client in both ends when working with remote desktops. RDM Desktop is still a very slow service and the free version is only limited to 3 minutes use,  but its only a beta version so the future will show...

Grazr-Reading list management and tools

I have mentioned the Grazr widget in earlier postings on this blog and I have been using the widget active quite some time on this blog as you could see in the right column of this blog. Grazr  is not only  offering  single  RSS feeds  options but also OPML
-based dynamically shareable feed lists.  As one of  the few  widgets  services  they  have  the  possibility  to  export  to  Iphone  and  Ipod Touch and believe me its looking great on my Ipod Touch. This is a step into our mobile future.

Widgetop-Your web desktop

With the introduction of Iphone & Ipod Touch mobile web browsing has become more than just three or four lines of text on your mobile device, a whole industry is trying to develop solutions to make mobile web browsing a pleasant experience. Widgets on your personal homepage, blog or on your desktop is old news, but customized widget for the mobile is something new. The Widgetop  service is delivering  a  customizable web desktop solution for your mobile device that's functioning. It's also possible to make your own widgets under the developer platform.

Gmaps Wall Calendar

A great idea for christmas. Combine  Google Maps and a year calendar and create  wall calendars from different locations on earth. 


NTNU library resources collected and accessible from one url:

I have tried to collect all NTNU library blogs and their rss feeds in one page.


Some of the latest books in african studies bought for our library

Just press the book cover and find the library location

IPL-The Internet Public Library

Here you could find several useful links all for free and easy accessible:


Etnicity, Culture & Race

Gender & Sexuality


or links of more general nature like: