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Hello to all NTNU library users,

As you probably by now have noticed the library has expanded with another new location across the bridge to building 6B. Open spacious locations with much daylight, a nice view and a more futuristic look. The location have or old collection of books with the UBT (local) classification system, from I-S + Stortingsmeldinger/rapporter, NOU and the statistics and will soon also have some journals of more general character. We have some new studycells, quiet reading areas, a teaching room and areas with computers.
A new printer is installed and available, drapub4. The wireless internet connection is not yet installed but will hopefully soon function.

Please find your way to our new locations.... A small impression.

A few more pictures have been uploaded to my flickr.com account, take a look here

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The slides from the "Into the User Environment Now! seminar in Trondheim Guus kindly has made available for us through Slideshare. You could find the slides here

Another great resource, Sage Premier, with 460 journal titles and more than 94000 articles in different subjects is now available for those connected to NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology)in Trondheim.


The long wait is finally over. I am proud to tell that finally we have the fine Project MUSE in our collection. It's still not searchable through BIBSYS or E-ubit, you have to use the direct url mentioned above.

What is Project MUSE®?

Project MUSE is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers providing 100% full-text, affordable and user-friendly online access to over 300 high quality humanities, arts, and social sciences journals from 60 scholarly publishers.

MUSE began in 1993 as a pioneering joint project of the Johns Hopkins University Press and the Milton S. Eisenhower Library at JHU. Grants from the Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities allowed MUSE to go live with JHU Press journals in 1995. Journals from other publishers were first incorporated in 2000, with additional university press and scholarly society publishers joining in each subsequent year.

Today, MUSE is still a not-for-profit collaboration between the participating publishers and MSEL, with the goal of disseminating quality scholarship via a sustainable model that meets the needs of both libraries and publishers. At this time, Project MUSE subscriptions are available only to institutions.


Today I have installed and implemented snap preview software on my blog. A wonderful tool that shows a small preview of the links you have on your blog + a search engine that could be used to crawl the web.


The 2 day seminar with Guus van den Brekel is now over. It was two very interesting days with a lot of ideas on how to make your average everyday easier and also how to gain access to information in a different way through other interfaces and layouts. You had the toolbar software (for instance conduit) that made it easy to customize your own toolbar for the library like for instance the way they have done it at the Medical Library of Groningen or in a completely different way, that's up to you.Since the introduction of the toolbar at Groningen medical library they have had 700 downloads of the toolbar.Since it hard for us to download something because of the IT department regulations and restrictions we have to settle for an other solution than the actual downloading, for instance a webpage with the searching functionalities or a customized desktop, its possible to use it also with roaming profiles. We were also shown a lot of widgets and gadgets that could make or desktop and working space more fun than the boring standardized layout most of us use. The best way to summarize the seminar is maybe to say that he has planted a seed, showing us that they way to go is to fight a war against closed systems, not-open source software, and the best way to do that is with representing a alternative that is good enough and functioning on its own. We are our own masters that has to take the battle against very bureaucratic solutions that takes ages to update and maintain. The way to go is to personalize your way to the information retrieval systems, have the user in mind, you have to build your way around the impossible software (Metalib, or our LMS "It's Learning" that is bought and not actually functioning the way it is suppose to function, or you have to build the systems yourself from scratch in order to work. Some of the most important aspectes are time saving, small amount of maintanance and also that the solutions should be easy to use and that the processes behind it is automatized.

Thanks Guus for a very nice introdution into your world and realities faced at the Groningen Medical Library.


Tomorrow and the 18th of January NTNU library will host a conference with the title: "Into the User Environment now". The key speaker at the conference will be Guus van den Brekel
Coördinator Elektronische Dienstverlening Centrale Medische
Bibliotheek, UMCG
050-3632632 / 0644158032
BLOG: digicmb.blogspot.com
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USe the QuickSearch CMB Toolbar!

The first day the program will be a lecture from 13.30-15.30. Almost 90 people will attend the first day. Day 2 of the conference will be more for those actually working with the web.From 09.00-11.00 Guus will talk about his toolbar + Livetrix (Metalib 2.0)From 11.00-11.15 A short presentation from the Multimedia Centre at Realfagbygget,Trondheim.

11.15-12.00 Second Life Libraries, RSS feeds, Web 2.0, Blogs, etc.

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