Magda Carneci & Dan Hayon: A collection of smells

Powerful statements indeed!

This mornings first book .

You could soon find the book in our shelves (NTNU Library, Dragvoll) at the following dewey number: 968.4049

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UIUC Library Learn Videos

Some libraries use YouTube to promote general information to their users. Not at all a bad idea. Take a look at University of Illinois libraries and their learning videos here.

Library 2.0 network on Ning

The Library 2.0 network on Ning is the brainchild of Bill Drew. I have a my page on the Library 2.0 network but haven't used it much lately. I am planning to try and use it more often to see how it could fit into my work. It's easy to be judgemental before you have even tried something and seen it's true potential that's why i have decided to try and seek out the true potential of the social network of Ning.

My profile you will find here, expect to see "radical" changes in the near future.....

African Studies Journals in Wikipedia

Now African Studies Journals is available in Wikipedia.

This has two big advantages:
-the list of African Studies Journals is now available for a wide audience
-the list can be expanded and improved by anybody with knowledge about e-journals on Africa.

To quote Jos Damen (African Studies Centre, Leiden The Netherlands www.ascleiden.nl):

This is not a definitive list: it is work "under construction". The list will be expanded (ISBN etc) and updated in the future. It would be nice if all African Studies Journals would get their "own" page in Wikipedia, like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aequatoria and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Affairs

At the coming meeting of the European Librarians on African Studies in Leipzig (3 June 2009 at http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibliotheca_Albertina ) more information on this project will be distributed.

iLibrarian - A Guide to Twitter in Libraries

A very good introduction and overview of different Twitter services. The guide is a good help in starting to use Twitter in the library.

Libraries on Twitter

On the blog "Circulation just another librarian blog" by Lindy Brown I found a list of U.S. libraries on Twitter (updated 5/15/09).

Oz Os Desktop Linux

Oz OS it's an Enlightenment (e17) Desktop Linux, built on a minimal Ubuntu base distribution (currently 8.04 "Hardy Heron"). It's has a great look and functionality. I have tried it through Suns Virtualbox. The number of pre-installed applications is quite minimalized. The menus looks great and also the rest of the desktop.


Wolfram Alpha

The search engine finally got released today. Try it here. Different Wolfram Aplha downloads here.


Fedora 11 Leonidas -Coming soon.....

The new Fedora linux distribution called Leonidas is arriving in 16 days. One of my laptops is eagerly awaiting the update. I have tried several Linux distributions and landed on Fedora for my "old" Dell Latitude D430. The speed is quite an issue and that's the main reason why I picked Fedora and not other Linux distributions.

Your own Linux distribution....

Create your own Linux distribution with Revisor or Suse Studio. Read more about it here.


Goodbye privacy. Welcome to Lifestream.fm

Stream your life!

Lifestream.fm is a media and social aggregator that will keep you and your friends informed about what you're doing online at a glance and in realtime. With Lifestream.fm you can put all your profiles and activity from your favorite web services all on one page, making it easy for your friends to see your newest bookmarks, your favorite videos, your tweets, photos you've uploaded, your newest blog posts, and more.
[text taken from the introduction to the service from Lifestream.fm]


Swine Flu Pandemic

Not everybody has worries about the Swine Flu....

"Poor Man's WiFi"-Give it a try.....

"Poor Man's WiFi". I really wanted to give it a try when I saw all this wonderfully homemade Wifi antennas. Some of them actually delivering a impressive gain of ~24 dB.