HTC magic with android cupcake 1.5 and WPA2 Enterprise encryption

A real pain in the "ass" fact for those of us still stuck with android cupcake 1.5 on our HTC magic is that we are not able to connect to WPA2 Enterprise encrypted WIFI networks, meaning a big disappointment taken into consideration that a lot of university campuses around the world is using Eduroam, fully relying on WPA2 Enterprise encryption. You will find a lot of user manuals around on the web giving you the solution by altering your phones WIFI settings, but firstly you have to root the phone (no real option for me). I would deeply appreciate any feedback on a easy solution for cupcake android. I saw one solution but than you have to boot and download two recovery roms and even temper with the wpa_supplicant conf file, no option either.

A "real" cry for help....