Chrome Os first glimpse - Fake pictures

It seems as if more and more people get fooled by not checking properly their sources of information. The latest one having a big hype at the moment is the fake pictures of Google Chrome Os Private Developer Beta originated from the Chromeosleak blog, even several IT newspapers has being fooled, the norwegian ITavisen is one of them. It's funny to see that the first comment made about the article by a reader is stating the fact that it's all fake but eventhough the comments keep coming in, why don't people bother reading?

It's really scary to see how easily people get fooled.

Chromeosleak announcement in the form of a youtube video:


CrunchPad: welcome to couch computing

Michael Arrington known as a writer for the technology blog TechCrunch has made a a computer screen board with a Linux based operating system and a Webkit based browser. The device boots directly into the browser. The screen is now flush with the case and the overall thickness is about 18 mm.
Take a look here.


A good guide on how to make an anthropology career?

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A killer phone?

The new HTC Hero will soon be available in Europe. The great news is that the phone will be the first android phone with flash support. I just couldn't wait to own one of this beauties. Here is an overview of some of the phones features.