TweepML-Share groups of twitter users

TweepML is an extensible, open standard format that allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.In just a few clicks you could add several users and groups you want to follow. This is really a clever and easy way to add more tweets to follow.

Eqentia- Vertical new environment

William Mougayar from Toronto, Canada has launched a semantic news/content aggregation platform called Eqentia.You could read more about the project here.

PDF search engine

Try the "first" pdf search engine searching 285.000.000 free ebooks.


Linden Lab show Second Life usage and numbers

Linden Lab's is releasing a selection of figures that give you an idea of the scale of Second Life, see here.


Leiden University open access repository

A good source for african studies is Leiden University open access repository.
Leiden University open access repository

Please use the Firefox browser if you want this bookmarklet to work!!


Missing simplify media

Missing simplify media on your android phone? Try the Gnome application. A good app for streaming music allowing several formats.

Ning Blogger MySpace

Ning Blogger MySpace Facebook and twitter added to hellotxt status updates