Google Baraza

Google recently developed a new service "to allow people in countries across Africa to ask questions and to post answers to questions from others".

English version

Version francais


Google leanback

Google leanback: Fullscreen view and navigation. Relax in the comfort of your chair and leanback and enjoy. It's easy to jump to the next video by the same artist, at the bottom of the screen you get a small thumbnailed preview of other videos by the same artist. Just use the arrow keys to easily navigate to the next video.


Paid apps android market

Finally paid apps on the android market is available for Norway, meaning several thousand "new" apps to play around with. Haven't yet had the need for this missing apps, but now.....


Linkable-Access your bookmarks online.

You have several online services offering to store your bookmarks so that you could easily access them anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. Delicious is probably the most popular one, then you have Xmarks, soon to stop it's service 01.01.2011. One week ago I found the very easy to use and appealing Linkable, with a great look and easy access. Here is my links at linkable.com.