Pambazuka News-A review of African blogs

In the great resource Pambazuka News (once mentioned in an earlier blog posting) Dibussi Tandi has reviewed some selected african blogs on the 15th of January this year. Good and interesting reading material.....
Pambazuka News is also available on Twitter.

One Of todays Classified Books

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Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies
/ editors Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln, Linda Tuhiwai Smith

NTNU library toolbar version 0.3.1

The NTNU Library Toolbar has reached version 0.3.1. My good colleague Rurik Greenall,also a member of UBIT2010, has given the old NTNU Library Toolbar, previously compatible with the 2x versions of Firefox, a good old dust cleaning.
Here is the new version.

iPhone's GPS and local awareness

From the Appstore you will find a huge collection of applications taking use of the built in iPhone GPS. Based on your location, if you give the application permission to locate you, will give you filtered information about your surroundings.
A good example is the application WikiMe giving you information about close by location from the main source Wikipedia.
This local awareness application are divided into different categories. I will give you a small list of some of them:

Yr.no - Weather forecast
Local Picks- Restaurant guide
ClickonRadio- Radio stations
WikiMe- See above description

Just try to type GPS when searching Appstore and you will find several more.

Google Earth Outreach

Google Earth Outreach:"Lots of non-profits are using Google Earth to tell their stories. You can read here about some specific groups' goals, challenges and best practices, and the overall impact of visualizing their work in Google Earth". [quote: http://earth.google.com/outreach/case_studies.html]


My First Lifecast

This is my first posting using the lifecast app for iPhone from Appstore. Pretty easy to use. Give it av try.

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Yet another iPhone apps review site

iusethis is a great iPhone apps review site giving you a small idea what is lurking behind all those different AppStore apps and other apps.
Check it out...


iPhone apps review

At this web site you will find several reviews of iPhone/iPod Touch apps.A great site helping you to pick the good apps.


Simplify Media-iPhone/iPod Touch

A bit off the academic track I have to mention the great appstore application Simplify Media making it possible to stream and share music from your pc running a client on both your pc and iPhone/iPod Touch, no more worrying about enough storage space on your iPhone/iPod Touch. It working with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Geography Network Explorer-Geographic applications

"Geography Network Explorer: Find references to hundreds of custom geographic applications that can be accessed online. Applications published by all levels of government as well as the commercial sector provide access to a broad set of geographic information".

Test you geography skills

Here you could try your geography knowledge by trying to place different countries on the right place on the map.

Podcast Alley

A huge directory for available online podcasts. I have tried to narrow my list of podcasts to:

African Studies


BIBSYS and Google Books

The norwegian library database BIBSYS has posted some information about the export of the bibsys catalogue metadata to Google books and the finding of this catalogue metadata through Google Books search, it all written in norwegian.


Open Access Anthropology


This is the blog for Open Access Anthropology, an organization of volunteers interested in creating open access alternatives to anthropological publications. This blog will be the news outlet for the organization where we will announce news like current events progress within the discipline.

The actual blog you could find here.

LibraryThing and books tagged anthropology

The anthropology tag and its aliases is used 45,236 times by 6,184 users. Take a look yourself and see if you find some interesting reviews.

Anthropology and food

A topic quite popular to study among anthropologists is the world of food. At NTNU library you could find most of the books at 394.12 in our dewey collection.

Some titles:


visualanthropology.net. A site with News and Resources for Visual Anthropology. Ethnodoc Web TV is one of many resources.
The resources are not free, but could be obtained by making a "small" donation.


MITOPENCOURSEWARE for Anthropology has some good resources worth checking out (and its free), lecture notes,study materials etc.

Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University

Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University.The project coordinator is Dr. Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Digital Ethnography. A Kansas State University working group led by Dr. Michael Wesch dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.