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With the help of the Linebuzz widget you could now post inline comments to this blog. To post an inline comment, use your mouse to highlight text.


Google Book Search:

A very nice new feature in The Advanced Book Search screen is the possibility to search inside Library catalogs eventhough it seem to be limited strictly to neighbouring countries, mostly library catalogues in Denmark and Sweden.



Now it's even easier than before to keep track of the postings on this blog. Just press the bookmark button under the posting you want to bookmark and choose your bookmarking preference...



Being part of the AEGIS network I often get mail info about important happenings concerning my role as an AEGIS librarian. Yesterday I got this mail from Jos Damen, Library African Studies Centre, Leiden:
"I recently heard the news that 10 American CIC-libraries will have there books digitized by Google. The project includes the Africana Collection of Northwestern University. For more information see."

The text of the Google-CIC Agreement (Google Confidential) can be found here


LibGuides from Springshare library

A social network and sharing of information among world librarians. I have myself made a profile in the LibGuides demo version and published 1 guide with a collection of resources that you also could find on this blog.Here is my LibGuides profile.


Anthropology podcasts

The Anthropik Podcast

The search engine, Ask.com has now gotten a new facelift and is called Ask3D, the    interface and layout is quite different from other search enginees. It's nice 3D buttons symbolizing different categories and the result list is being categorized and clustered with more than just text, it is supplemented with pictures. The layout is great and the search engine is giving the results fast. A nice feature is the blog searchability.
Try it....



I took a quick look at Guus Van den Brekels blog today and noticed that he had been to    Inforum 2007 in Czech Republic, Prague. The 13th Conference on Professional Information  Resources had some interesting presentations.



In previous postings some time back I have mentioned Berkeley University and their pioneering work with podcasting lectures, but since they started several universities have joined in and could also offer podcasts of some of their lectures.

Below you will find a link to some of the universities offering podcasts:

Glasgow University, Kant's Epistemology

Johns Hopkins University, RSS feed podcasting.

Stanford on iTunes U

University of Chicago

Vanderbilt University

Yale University