Bartsidee Repository

The best boxee repository and apps without any doubt is the Bartsidee Repository. The best app in this repository is BartsideeTV, including all of the other singles apps in the repository. It's a great looking interface and layout and it's very easy to use. The bartsideeTV consists of the following source modules:

- Hulu (not working on boxee box)
- BBC iPlayer (including hd and subtitle support)
- Dutch channels ( sbs, uzg, nl24, tmf)
- Youtube
- svtplay (Swedish)
- CBC (Canadian)
- Navi-x (No script support)
- Zdf and ARD (full mediathek + subtitles)

You could select individual modules and put together those you want most. You could search inside one module or search across several. The Navi-x module is actually functioning better than the original navi-x app.

Add the following to your "add repository" list: http://boxee.bartsidee.nl

Here are some screenshots: