Kylo Tv Browser on Boxee

A few of you out there has probably become very frustrated about the bad default integrated web browser in the boxee box, not functioning at all, well here is a solution to your problems. The excellent Kylo tv browser is made just for the purpose of web browsing on your TV with your computer connected to your TV. Head over to the Kylo pages and download the exe file (just Windows support). If you are running Linux like myself it's no problem, first download the exe file to your desktop or a memory stick (if you are running boxee box without a computer attached to your TV).
Then you have to make sure you have the excellent launcher application from the excellent 3rd-party repository Fuzzthed, just add http://dir.fuzzthed.com to your repositories under applications.
Launch the launcher and add application in the left menu, pick the kylo.exe install file and pick a directory of your choice to install to, if you are running Boxee Box make sure it is installed to your memory stick. Then after installation remove the application you made for executing the kylo.exe install file and pick the kylo.exe self-executable, if you want an image to the launcher file pick the same path as the executable and write kylo.ico instead of kylo.exe. Now you have a fully funtional TV Browser. Enjoy!!