Problems with low internal memory on your android phone?

Regardless of the fact that Froyo 2.2 has included a function called Apps2SD it's quite a few apps that you are not able to move to your SD card because of the simple fact that the developers of the app didn't make this an option in the first place, if you are stuck on an older version of android it's not possible at all unless you have rooted your phone. Depending on your phones model the amount of internal memory storage is varying from model to model. If you have very little it's even more important to do something about the situation. One of the very best ways to free some internal memory is of course to not install a lot of applications, but if you are like me you love your applications so you will probably seek other options, the best one is to clear the cache of your applications. You could do that by going to settings and manage applications and clear cache or you could use a very good application like "Quick App Clean Cache". Some of the big cache eaters are especially the browsers like, Dolphin and Skyfire and The Android Market, but you also have other "hungry" applications eating away on your memory. Leaving the job over to a professional cache freeing app is probably the best method.

Give your android some more memory by freeing some cache!