SyncML calendar sync and Android phones

After getting a question yesterday about SyncML calendar sync and android phones I conducted a small scale research to try to come up with a good answer. I finally found out that the swiss company Synthesis has released a beta version of their SyncML client as a android app. The *.apk file you could download if you are willing to register (free) and login as a registred user.

I had some trouble in the beginning setting up the Version 1709 (Android Client Beta 1709). I mailed:
Dipl. El. Ing. ETH
Dipl. NDS ETHZ in Betriebswissenschaften
Managing Partner

I got a very quick and kind answer back (actually in 30 minutes), but in the meantime I had found the solution to my problems, it was not caused by the app, but the actual default settings in my cupcake v.1.5 for android. I had to turn off the active sync for my Google calendar, otherwise it was actually syncing twice, first against my oracle based calendar, full of calendar data and secondly against my Google calendar that was empty. So the reason why I in the beginning always was ending up with a empty calendar was simply that it finally was syncing against my empty Google calendar, but by turning off the active sync I at last got my oracle calendar data.

No I am very pleased with the Synthesis app. Give it a try! http://www.synthesis.ch

The app is functioning on every phone running android v.1.5 and above.

This is how is looks on my HTC magic with android v.1.5: