Browsing iTunes U without intalling iTunes

For those of use using another operating system than Windows, or not having iTunes, it's a real pain in the a**, not being able to follow courses that more and more universities prefer to publish on iTunes U. The solution is emulation,by emulating the iTunes client we fool the system.
Better explained on the TechnoBabel site.

The solution

Emulating the iTunes client: the script can be tested at

http://www2.unil.ch/itunesu/index.groovy?handle=[itunesU url]

It only needs the url which would open in iTunes and converts it to a displayable webpage.

For example for mit.edu: http://deimos.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browsev2/mit.edu


Let's try it on a couple of NTNU podcasts:


Strange it don't seem to work on NTNU iTunes U podcasts but on all other major international universities using iTunes U. Should I be surprised?

Well give it a try on MIT and Standford and you will see that it works.

local iTunes U urls:

iTunes U bookmarklet, just fill in your local iTunes U url and you get access to iTunes U content.