Google sync your address book and calendar

Google Sync Beta for iPhone, WinMo and SyncML Phones is now released.You could now in a easy way backup and add contacts through iTunes by logging into your Google account.

* Get Google Calendar events on your device
* View multiple Calendars in different colors
* Synchronize your Contacts with Google
* Have changes pushed directly to your phone


Synchronize your contacts. Get your Google contacts quickly and easily to your iPhone. With Sync, you can have access to your address book at anytime and place that you need it.

Get calendar alerts. Using your iPhone's native calendar, you can now access multiple Google calendars, and be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration.

Always in sync. Your calendar and contacts stay synchronized whether you access them from your iPhone or from your computer. Add or edit contacts or calendar entries right on your device or on your Google account on the web.