Wordpress blogging

Wordpress has been choosen as the internal blogging platform for NTNU Library (UBiT) in Trondheim. I have been busy the last couple of days to look at the different aspects of Wordpress. Obviously Wordpress has quite some advantages like for instance tagging blog postings and also other features. It also has the ability to import all your blog postings from earlier used blogging platforms. I would probably continue this blog because Wordpress blogging at UBIT is firstly meant to be for internal matters and I prefer to have my blog open for the whole world. The Wordpress server version is hosted by BIBSYS and admin for Wordpress is my good colleague Rurik Greenall. The wordpress blogs at UBIT will have IP check and you will have to log on with username and password or you will have to log on with a VPN ipsec connection to vpn.ntnu.no.
My wordpress blog could be found at the following adress: http://ubit.blogs.bibsys.no/joost