Huge gap in DDC 22

It's a huge gap in the DDC(Dewey Decimal Classification)22 when it comes to finding the right classification number on books about "new" emerging trends and technology on the web. The web 2.0 and beyond is not covered at all. More and more libraries are spending money on technology to improve our online services while still having their physical libraries with books still made out of paper. To have system and order in our physical book collection we need to give our books a classification number, a lot of libraries use dewey.

What should we do about the problem? I once tried to send a mail to those people behind the 025.431 Dewey Blog but never got any answer back. It should be added that my question was more specified than just the lack of good dewey numbers to cover "new" web trends.

I guess a very dedicated librarian only has their special beloved dewey numbers and nothing else matters?

But I think this is quite a important issue deserving to be taken more serious.

Should librarians around the world join forces and demand important updates in the DDC?

The webdewey is no better on this subject.