Rift Valley Institute

The Rift Valley Institute is an independent research and educational
association based in Kenya and the United Kingdom. It has been working
in Eastern Africa, including Sudan and the Horn, since 2001. More background information could be found here.

For those of you interested in Sudan research a very nice feature on the institutes website is the Sudan Open Archive, with free research material.

"Users can conduct full-text word searches across the Archive, using the SEARCH THE ARCHIVE
box at the top left of each page. Type the search term(s) in the box
and press return. Use double quotes to search for a phrase or word
sequence. Detailed searches can be made with ADVANCED SEARCH. Word searches within documents can be made using SEARCH DOCUMENT.
A left-click opens a page of a document to full-screen view; a second
left-click returns the page to normal view. There is optional
search-term HIGHLIGHTING and THUMBNAIL page display. The BROWSE ARCHIVE button shows documents ordered under subject, date or author categories. All documents may be printed, or saved as PDFs".