Masai Women

The Masai of Kenya

-Granada Television International, 1974

Another film is added to our collection of anthropological film, this time it's a film from the highly acclaimed Disappearing World series from Granada Television.
The Masai are animal herders in the East African Rift Valley of Kenya and Tanzania.
The DVD is divided into different scenes:

1. Play the whole program
2. Masai concept of wealth
3. Elders and warriors
4. Female circumcision ceremony
5. A new bride
6. Threats and insults
7. Meeting the in-laws
8. Begging for cows
9. Husbands and lovers
10. End of warriorhood
11. The dependence of Masai women

It's possible to borrow the film on short-term loan, meaning two weeks.

On VHS I have just bought :

Witchcraft among the Azande

52 minutes, 1981
Film-maker and director: Andre Singer

This is also a film in the Disappearing world series.

Anthropologist John Ryle is following in the footsteps of Evans-Pritchard and his classic book: Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande. Much has changed since the original fieldwork carried out between 1926-1930 by Evans-Pritchard, Zande is not a static society anymore.

You could borrow this film only for 1 day.