Anthropology Matters

"Welcome to Anthropology Matters, an initiative developed by postgraduates for postgraduates, researchers and early career anthropologists. This site aims to stimulate discussion on the production of anthropological knowledge through a focus on training, teaching, research and writing. Anthropology Matters currently features a thriving peer-reviewed academic journal, a directory of anthropologists and their interests, access to teaching, learning and other resources and a well used e-mail list where we share word of conferences, seminars and news of other events.

We believe that the building up of a community of postgraduates, researchers and early career anthropologists is a vital part of the rejuvenation of anthropology as a discipline. We also believe that this must be beyond the confines of any individual department, if the tremendous postgraduate enthusiasm we know exists is to be harnessed to its fullest potential. Positioned on the margins of the mainstream academic community we pose the kinds of questions that encourage postgraduates to be intellectually adventurous, and to provide support for the transition from student to academic or applied anthropologist.

Our values are of openess and inclusiveness, reflected in a growing steering committee with representatives from six anthropology departments in the UK. We welcome all comments and contributions on any aspect of our site and agenda, and hope that you will join us in realising our collective vision!" [text taken from their site].

Here is a link to their journal "Anthropology Matters" with some great fulltext articles with ideas for other anthropologists.