Through the SFX@metalib (e-ubit) portal its possible for students and staff members at NTNU library to search for e-journals in their particular subject. In anthropology you will find that we have 222 journals in fulltext, several of this journals are not licenced paid journals, but free e-journals. I have extracted those journals that are free, you will find them under the heading "Anthropology# Free_E-Journals" and you will find them in this particular posting.

In geography they have singeled out Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing as a subject like any other subject, kind of strange I think, considering the fact that it is one of the key subjects and major research areas in Geography.
The pulldown menu could also be found in the right frame under the heading "Geography free e-journals"
So for an overview of the free e-journals available in geography I have made one pulldown menu listing "both" subjects: