Today I have added a very nice collection of interviews, several of them filmed by Alan MacFarlane, he has taught at the Department of Social Anthropology Cambridge University for over thirty-three years.

Background to the collection:

The interviews were started by Jack Goody in 1982. He arranged for the filming of seminars by Audrey Richards, Meyer Fortes and M.N.Srinivas. Since then, with the
help of others, and particularly Sarah Harrison, I have filmed and edited over forty archival interviews with leading anthropologists, historians,ethno-musicologists, international travellers and others.

We started by using low-band U-matic tape and the quality is not good. Later, digital cameras became available and the most recent films (e.g. Geertz), were made on a Sony three chip camera using a radio microphone. Mark Turin managed to transfer films from a variety of formats to DV tapes and developed the web application. Sarah Harrison has done most of the later transfers to mp4 and has made the summaries of the interviews.

Recently the advent of a large digital store in Cambridge, DSpace, has made it possible to mount the collection for the web. This has been done with the help of Tom de Mulder and Xiaoxiao Yan and financial support from the British Academy.

(Taken from:http://www.alanmacfarlane.com).

I have converted the webpage containing the interviews into a PDF document with clickable url's, just click the pictures and you will get the interviews. The pictures leads you to the shortened version of the interviews,if you would like to watch the whole interviews it's probably smart to download the interviews, some of them are more than 0,5 GB, most of the interviews are in .mov (quicktime) format.

You find the link to the PDF document under the pulldown menu:"Anthropology (e-resources)/Blogs".

You will also find a collection of Alan MacFarlane lectures, both in transcripted text and filmed, in Social Anthropology underneath the same pulldown menu.